We just don't talk enough. So a year later I want to tell you what it was really like in those moments, days, weeks, months, and year. 

I also want to tell you what I feel now. Because, again, we don't talk about it enough. Not really. Not in a raw, honest way. 

She sat in the corner table. It was her favorite place to just stop and watch the world go by. For once, it wasn't her who was rushing through the day, just hoping to make it to noon. She intertwined her feet with the legs of the barstool, cradled her head on her hand, and in rushed a calm over her mind. 

My grandpa passed away on February 21st, at the age of 71. Ten years ago he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's (later diagnosed as Lewy Body), six years ago lung cancer, and more recently bladder cancer. He fought for so many years, and never once let himself be defeated.