Katherine Henson, penning as k.e. She self-published her first book, “wildflowers: the first collection” in 2016. Katherine has been writing for as long as she can remember, and it is both her love language and preferred choice of communication. For Katherine, writing has been a way to escape and discover; through body image issues, depression, anxiety, and loss Katherine has used her words as a way to be honest with herself, while also helping others understand that they are not alone.

i woke up


I woke up with the thought
that how God could be so amazing
to have come up with the idea
of letting humans like us sleep.

Of letting us drift to oblivion,
untroubled by hours ticking away,
by stars slowly fading away,
and by the exhaustion being
replaced by His fresh strength.

He wakes us up,
and let us know
that He loves us.

His mercies are new.
He is always with us.
What it is
we will go through. 

Cliff jumping and self worth

So, survive