Katherine Henson, penning as k.e. She self-published her first book, “wildflowers: the first collection” in 2016. Katherine has been writing for as long as she can remember, and it is both her love language and preferred choice of communication. For Katherine, writing has been a way to escape and discover; through body image issues, depression, anxiety, and loss Katherine has used her words as a way to be honest with herself, while also helping others understand that they are not alone.

Pack a bag

So pack a bag, pack a bag and go. Let yourself fell free and crazy and adventurous. Give yourself permission to crumble up that to-do list and cross off your plans. Grab a map, pick a road, and just go. Stop pretending like where you are at this moment is okay and good and right. Stop forcing yourself to believe that you don’t deserve to take some spontaneous dive into the wilderness. You do. You always will. So do it. Pack a bag and go. Better yet, don’t pack a bag, just go. Maybe you’ll only make it down the road. Maybe you’ll make it across state lines. Maybe you’ll never turn back. It’s all okay. Just don’t glue your shoes to where you stand today.

You are alive

John 14